HDPE Bottles

HDPE Bottles are another important constituent of our products and they find use in almost all industries that cater to daily lifestyle needs of consumers the world over. Our HDPE bottles are used in Pesticides, Pharma, FMCG industries etc.

  • Imida Chloropide Range

  • Regular Pesticide Chemical Range

  • 5 Ltr. Jerry Cans Range (Carboys)

  • 5 Ltr. Jerry Cans Range (Carboys)

  • Screen Printed Bottles

  • Jar Type HDPE Bottles

  • Closures Range

  • Long Neck Asentric Bottles

  • Euro Neck - For Glyphosate

  • Handle Shape Bottles

  • Triangular Shape Bottles

  • Diamond Design Bottles

  • Patented Bottles for various Customers

  • Bamboo Shape Bottles

  • Square Shape Bottle

  • Jar

  • Round Shape Jar